“We hope that this verdict is a step towards bringing justice for the late George Floyd and his family, nearly a year after the world witnessed his horrific killing. We also hope this powerful moment in history sends a message that Black lives do matter and injustices against Black lives will not be tolerated. This verdict is pivotal and hopefully a turning point in our country, but it does not put an end to the work that needs to continue to fight discrimination in all its forms. Over this past year, far too many incidences have sparked a much needed and long overdue awakening following centuries of racial injustice and discrimination in our country. We have all been reminded to look inward and be receptive to learning and understanding; we must continue to build on this and do better, holding ourselves and each other accountable. The Massachusetts Business Roundtable is committed to staying engaged in standing up for justice, against discrimination, and being Anti-Racist allies within our workplaces and communities.”

Joint Statement by Roundtable Staff: JD Chesloff, Lauren Jones, and Katelyn Hamilton