“The Roundtable brings together members to address challenges many companies, like iRobot, wrestle with as we grow and do business in Massachusetts. I find value in staying engaged with the Roundtable as we work through these challenges, knowing we can gain tremendous insight from the Roundtable, best practices from other employers, and tackle these issues collaboratively within the business community.”

Colin Angel, CEO, iRobot

“I spend considerable time with MBR because it is valuable to me as a leader as I advance our institutional strategy at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. When I engage with MBR via meetings and committees, I stay abreast of what’s happening in the business community to determine which aspects apply to our niche college and the talented students we serve.”

Aisha Francis, President & CEO, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

“Time and time again, I find the policy work of the Roundtable to be incredibly valuable. In fact, that is one of the reasons we participate in this network.”

Keith Hovan, President, Southcoast Health Systems

“As I am headquartered in the New England region, I look to the Roundtable for what is happening in Massachusetts which often sets the tone for what is happening in other states in the region. Some of the most important information I get is directly from the Roundtable.”

Tracy Pitcher, Senior Vice President, Comcast

“MBR does a fabulous job in providing value to members. In turn, I have also found great value in connecting with individuals across the membership. MBR has especially demonstrated high-value and high connectivity throughout the pandemic and I applaud everything this organization does.”

Mary Anne Heino, CEO, Lantheus Medical Imaging

“I use a lot of information I learn from Roundtable members to then share inside my organization. From navigating transportation challenges to balancing cost of living to adjusting to flexible work schedules, I bring these learnings to my sales and leadership team as Cigna aims to stay competitive in this market.”

Marc Butler, President, Cigna New England



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