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The Massachusetts Business Roundtable draws its membership from the leading executives of institutions in Massachusetts that contribute significantly to the economy or to the public policy-making process in the Commonwealth.

Listed in alphabetical order by member's last name.

Angle, Colin
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
and Co-Founder

  Kirk, Carolyn
Executive Director
Aoun, Joseph E.
  Knott, Maryanne D.
Vice President, Tax

Ascroft, Rick
Senior Vice President, Managed Markets
  Kump, Robert
Chief Executive Officer
Barton, Alicia
Chief Executive Officer
  Lee, Grace*
SVP, Director of Government Banking
Basile, Joseph J.*

  Lee, Michael A.
Managing Director of Corporate Banking

Bernstein, Jon
Regional President–Boston

  Lee, Stephanie
Vice President–State Government Affairs and Public Policy–New England

Bissell, John
President & Chief Executive Officer

  Lembo, Philip J.
Chief Financial Officer
Burke, Gerard E.
President & Chief Executive Officer

  L’Italien, Adam
Vice President, Global Consumer Markets Innovation

Butler, Mark G.*

  MacKenzie, Christopher*
Managing Partner

Campanelli, Joseph P.*
Chief Executive Officer
  MacNaught, Stacia Reidy
Senior Vice President

Capone, John
Managing Principal
  MacNeil, Justin
Managing Director
Christel, Joan*
Senior Vice President
  McCabe, David C.
Churchwell, Kevin B.
President &Chief Executive Officer

  McCarthy, Mike
Vice President
Consigli, Anthony
Chief Executive Officer

  McGovern, Kevin M.*
New England Managing Partner
Cook, Esq., C. Jeffrey*


Mhatre, Nitin 
Chief Executive Officer

Cozzone, Robert
Chief Financial Officer

  Minehan, Cathy E.**
Arlington Advisory Partners
Vice Chair & Partner
Craven, Katherine*
Chief Administrative & Financial Officer

  Mitchell, Beth A.*
Director of Engineering

Doherty, Jay*
Chief Executive Officer

  Murphy, Steve
Vice President, Contracts
Dreyfus, Andrew
President & Chief Executive Officer
  Murray, Lisa
Ducey, James E.
Managing Director

  Newman, Katherine
System Chancellor of Academic Programs,
Vice President of Economic Development

Dugger, III, Edward*

  Nichols, David
Head, State and Local Corporate and Government Relations USA
Group Corporate Affairs
Dyson, Karan*   O'Brien John
Elias, Howard*   O’Leary, James F.

Evee, Gary
Chief Executive Officer

  Petricca, Perri

Evens, Deirdre
Executive Vice President


Peabody, Laura
Chief Legal Counsel

Federico, Kathleen*
SVP, Chief People and Corporate Strategy Officer

Pérez, Lucy
Senior Partner

Fisher, Christina
Public Policy Manager, Northeast

  Phelps, David
Chief Executive Officer

Francis, Aisha
President & Chief Executive Officer
  Pitcher, Tracy*
Regional Senior Vice President

Friendly, Andrew
Associate Vice President
Government Affairs
  Popeo, R. Robert*

Gouveia, Jeff
Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Northeast
  Powell, Colleen Richards*
Hanley, Marylee
Director, Stakeholder Outreach
  Prentiss, Michael
Hardy, David   Preston, Joe
President & Chief Executive Officer

Harrington, Joel
Director, Eastern U.S. Region
Public Policy and Institutional Affairs


Rasmussen, Dana

Hayes, Cain A.
Chief Executive Officer

  Riley, Tom
Chief Executive Officer & President

Healy, Peter J.
  Rivera, Dan
Heino, Mary Anne*
Chief Executive Officer

  Rivers, Robert F.***
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Hollister, Kip
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  Rossano, Kenneth R.
Chief Executive Officer
Rossano Resources Co.
Hovan, Keith A.
President & Chief Executive Officer

  Schwab, Elizabeth
Senior Vice President

Hynes, Jr., Thomas J.*
Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  Stanesa, Jesse
Senior Vice President 
Jacobs, Charles
Chief Executive Officer
  Steinmetz, Jane**
Managing Partner

Jacobs, Patricia


Suarez-Orozco, Marcelo

Jamele, Bryan
Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy
  Sumani, Seidu M.
Senior Vice President/Head of Internal Audit
Johnson, Corey
Corporate Director

  Sweet, Frank*
Chief Executive of the Environment Global Business Line

Johnson, Ken*
Senior Vice President, Senior Client Portfolio Manager

  Tierney, James M.*
Managing Director, NE Market
Johnson, Dr. Robert E.**
  Townsend, Derek

Joyce, Katie
Vice President, Corporate Affairs

  Wade, Timothy P.
Market President

Kalita, Karen
SVP and General Counsel

  Walsh, Jane C.*

Kennedy, William F.


*Denotes Executive Committee Member, **Denotes Vice Chair of the Board, ***Denotes Chair of the Board
All MBR Members Serve on the Board of Directors.


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