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2015 Annual Report
2015 Mid-year Highlights
2015 Framework for Long-Term Economic Prosperity in the Commonwealth
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Competitiveness Agenda

The Massachusetts Business Roundtable (MBR) is a public policy organization comprised of Chief Executive Officers and Senior Executives from some of the state’s largest employers. MBR’s members employ more than 250,000 people in the Commonwealth. 

MBR’s mission is to strengthen the state’s economic vitality. MBR engages with public and private leaders to develop public policy solutions that enhance Massachusetts’ long-term competitive position and make it a highly desirable place to do business within a global economy.

MBR's agenda is driven by the membership working together on issues that have broad impact on the social and economic well-being of the Commonwealth. The members select issues where they can provide input from their knowledge and perspective as CEOs and business leaders. MBR has done extensive policy work on education, health care, taxation/regulation, workforce development and infrastructure issues.


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