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The Massachusetts Business Roundtable draws its membership from the leading executives of institutions in Massachusetts that contribute significantly to the economy or to the public policy-making process in the Commonwealth.

Listed in alphabetical order by member's last name.

Abelman, David
EVP & Chief Legal Officer
  Kennedy, William F.

Angle, Colin
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
and Co-Founder

  Kremer, Wesley D.*
Aoun, Joseph E.
  Leary, Angus
President & GM Northeast Region

Basile, Joseph J.*

  Lee, Michael A.
Managing Director of Corporate Banking

Benoit, Anthony

  Lembo, Philip J.
Chief Financial Officer
Berube, Brian A.
Senior Vice President & General Counsel 

  Liss, Lauren
Boisvert, Jaime Paris
General Manager, Boston Region

  L’Italien, Adam*
Vice President, Global Consumer Markets Innovation

Boudreau, Bob
Chief Executive Officer

  Lynch, Jim
Vice President
Brostrøm, Thomas
President, North America

  MacKenzie, Christopher*
Managing Partner

Burke, Gerard E.
President & Chief Executive Officer

  MacNaught, Stacia Reidy
Senior Vice President

Butler, Mark G.

  McCabe, David C.
Campanelli, Joseph P.*
Chief Executive Officer
  McGovern, Kevin M.
New England Managing Partner
Carson, Michael

  Meehan, Martin T.

Cohen, Margaret

  Minehan, Cathy E.**
Vice Chair & Partner
Consigli, Anthony*
Chief Executive Officer

  Mitchell, Beth A.
Director of Engineering

Cook, Esq., C. Jeffrey*

  Morales, David
Chief Strategy Officer
Cozzone, Robert
Chief Financial Officer

  Murphy, Jack
Craven, Katherine*
Chief Administrative Officer

  O’Leary, James F.

Crimmin, Nancy P.

  Ondatje, Ty
SVP Corporate Responsibility
& Chief Diversity Officer

Croswell, Thomas A.*
President & Chief Executive Officer

  Pitcher, Tracy*
Regional Senior Vice President

Cupelo, Donna C.*
Region President

  Popeo, R. Robert*

Daly, Michael P.
President & Chief Executive Officer

  Prentiss, Michael
Senior Manager, State Government Relations

Davis, James S.

  Reed, Marcy L.*
President, MA & EVP US Policy
& Social Impact

Dickinson, Thorn
Vice President

  Rivers, Robert F.***
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Doherty, Jay*
Chief Executive Officer

  Robson, Dwight
Chief Public Strategy & Marketing Office

Donovan, Darren J.
Managing Principal
  Rossano, Kenneth R.
Chief Executive Officer
Rossano Resources Co.
Dreyfus, Andrew
President & Chief Executive Officer
  Sacco, Robert
Client Director, Senior Location Executive

Ducey, James E.
Managing Director

  Scannell, Michael J.
Senior Vice President
Dugger, III, Edward*

  Sherlock, Peter H.*
Chief Operating Officer
Elias, Howard   Stanesa, Jesse
Senior Vice President 
Farina, Jr. John D.*
Managing Partner
  Steinmetz, Jane*
Managing Partner

Flynn, Dr. Patricia M.
Trustee Prof. of Economics and Management

  Sternberg, Perry J.
SVP, Global Head of Neuroscience,
Ophthalmics & Commercial Excellence

Grybowski, Jeffrey
Chief Executive Officer
  Sullivan, Kevin
Senior Vice President

Hanley, Marylee
Director, Stakeholder Outreach
  Sullivan, Patrick J.
Massachusetts President
Hestnes, Harold*
Retired Partner

  Sullivan, Jr., Robert K.*
Managing Director
Hogan, Michael P. *
President & Chief Executive Officer

  Sweet, Frank*
Corporate Senior Vice President, Operations

Hovan, Keith A.
President & Chief Executive Officer

  Szum, John T.
Executive Vice President &Chief Financial Officer

Hynes, Jr., Thomas J.*
Thomas Hynes & Chief Executive Officer

  Tierney, James M.
Managing Director, NE Market
Jackson, Ira A.
ExecutiveVice President
  Vallee, James
Jacobs, Charles
Chief Executive Officer
  Vinter, Steve
Engineering Director & Cambridge Site Lead

Jacobs, Patricia

  Walsh, Jane C.*

Jaspon, Kate
Chief Financial Officer

Johnson, Dr. Robert E.*



*Denotes Executive Committee Member, **Denotes Vice Chair of the Board, ***Denotes Chair of the Board
All MBR Members Serve on the Board of Directors.


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