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Massachusetts Caregiver Coalition
In collaboration with leaders from business, health care, education and state government, the Massachusetts Business Roundtable supported the launch of the Massachusetts Caregiver Coalition, an initiative to assess and address the needs of unpaid family caregivers across the Commonwealth. The launch is marked by the release of a Massachusetts Caregiver Survey and an Employer Toolkit providing best practices for employers to support family caregivers within their workforces. 

More than 840,000 residents of the Commonwealth provided care to an adult over the age of 18 in the last 12 months[1] and a recent study found that informal caregiving cost Massachusetts employers $982 million in 2017 as a result of increased turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism. The data makes it clear that the emotional, physical, and financial impacts associated with caregiving require public and private partners to think innovatively and differently about supporting the caregivers in our midst. 

The Massachusetts Caregiver Survey—The Embracing Carers™—surveyed 420 family caregivers across the State and put a spotlight on the significant self-care, health care, career and support needs of family caregivers. Specific findings included:

  • Self-Care: 68% of family caregivers surveyed in Massachusetts find it difficult to sleep on a regular basis.
  • Healthcare: 58% of family caregivers surveyed in Massachusetts feel that their physical health has suffered due to their caregiving role.
  • Career: 27% of family caregivers surveyed in Massachusetts feel their career has been negatively affected by their role as a caregiver (ages 26-34).
  • Support: 84% of family caregivers surveyed in Massachusetts say it would be helpful if a friend, neighbor or family member were to offer them support in their caring role.

The Massachusetts Caregiver Coalition invites all employers in the Commonwealth to join the Coalition in acknowledging family caregiving as a critical workforce opportunity and support fellow employees with their caregiving responsibilities. To learn more about the Coalition, please contact MBR Deputy Director Chris Kealey.






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