DECEMBER 2019  

Dear Members,

Thanks to the continued support of our longstanding members, as well as the infusion of new Board members from diverse industries, the Roundtable is finishing the year strong. Whether it is impacting public policy, connecting public sector and private business leaders, or advocating for innovative solutions to the state’s most intractable challenges, the Roundtable’s members are actively engaged in being part of the solution.      

We appreciate the steadfast support of the Roundtable’s members as we look ahead to a terrific year in 2020. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!


Roundtable Teams Up with The Partnership, Inc. to Expand Diversity & Inclusion Opportunities
With direction and support from the Roundtable Board, MBR is teaming up with The Partnership, Inc. to expand diversity and inclusion opportunities. One year ago the Roundtable adopted a diversity and inclusion strategy to diversify MBR’s membership through, among other ways, a series of partnerships with various organizations throughout the Commonwealth. This month, the Roundtable announced a partnership with The Partnership Inc. C-Suite program, which brings together multicultural C-Suite leaders from a range of industries to foster personal and professional relationships.

This collaboration will increase the diversity of the Roundtable and provide additional perspectives on the state’s most pressing public policy issues. Additionally, Roundtable Board members and members of the Partnership’s C-Suite cohort will both strengthen professional networks leading to new opportunities. Those interested in learning more about this initiative are encouraged to please contact Roundtable staff.

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Roundtable Joins Baker Administration, Environmental & Business Leaders on Transportation Climate Initiative
Earlier this month, the Roundtable partnered with an alliance of business and environmental leaders including Associated Industries of Massachusetts, Ceres, Environmental League of Massachusetts, Boston Green Ribbon Commission, Massachusetts Competitive Partnership, and Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation to support the Baker Administration’s efforts on the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI), a regional cap and invest program for transportation emissions. This coalition of the business and environmental community believes that, if properly structured, policy created through TCI could: mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from transportation; invest in much-needed public transit; alleviate congestion; and generate a revenue stream to fund these and future transportation improvements. 

The coalition convened an event with Governor Charlie Baker, Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack and Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Kathleen Theoharides speaking to over 200 senior business executives from across the Commonwealth on potential for the Transportation Climate Initiative to support much-needed infrastructure investment and substantial decarbonization. As TCI continues to take form into a regional policy proposal, the Roundtable looks forward to continuing to work with the Baker administration and members of the coalition to ensure its success.

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Roundtable Public Policy Year-End Highlights 2019
It was a tremendously busy and productive period during the last six months, as the Roundtable continued to advocate for member-driven public policy solutions, link public sector leaders with Roundtable members and advance business as a force for good. The Roundtable worked with the legislature to identify and implement solutions for some of the state’s top issues including education, transportation, talent & workforce development, and competitiveness. MBR members also connected with public sector leaders and convened on a series of initiatives including caregiving, as well as diversity and inclusion. Thank you to our many partners in state government, the business community, environmental groups, non-profit organizations, labor unions and others for your collaboration not only during the past six months but throughout the year.

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Ever think about the gap between employees' personal beliefs and the reality of your company’s work environment? You should—it’s important.

Julia Geisman, Founder & CEO, CareerAgility LLC

How many times have you said that a person just wasn’t the right “fit” for the company, team, or a job function? Few people give much thought to what is meant by “fit”. According to Deloitte, an organization’s cultural fit consists of values, beliefs, mission, and goals. Alignment between a company’s culture with that of its employees is fundamental to business success.
“Fit” is equally important for candidates when considering prospective employers or remaining with their current ones. Ensuring alignment between their personal beliefs and their prospective workplaces has emerged as an important deciding factor for joining or remaining at a company. The larger the gap between their personal beliefs and perceptions of their work environment, the higher the probability of disengagement and/or attrition.

CEOs define the culture of their organizations which typically reflects their personal and business values. That said, every generation has unique values formed by the prevailing societal, political, and economic influences during the time in which they grew up. They bring these beliefs into the workplace requiring companies to adapt if they wanted to attract top talent.

Today’s workforce is no different except they are more selective, outspoken, and socially conscious than previous generations. They expect companies and CEOs to align with their beliefs and values, otherwise they have no hesitation making their opinions known through social media and/or walkouts.

As a result of working with our clients, we have discovered a significant gap between employees’ personal beliefs and the reality of their work environment. This revelation is based on analysis of 3,500 responses to our online survey. If left unaddressed, the difference between the two has a significant impact on overall business results. Find out why you should be concerned and what to do about it as the leader of your organization. READ more.

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Packed house and great energy @TheEnglishHS @MassGovernor signs the #StudentOpportunityAct. Congrats to @SoniaChangDiaz @SenJasonLewis @RepAlicePeisch @SpeakerDeLeo @KarenSpilka @MassLtGov @MBAENews and all involved on this game changing piece of legislation

#YearInReview The Roundtable released its End of Year Highlights! 2019 was a busy year and MBR advocated for member-driven policy solutions in #education, #transportation, #revenue, #housing and more. #mabiz #BusinessIsGood

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