OCTOBER 2017
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Executive Director's Message

Dear Members,

Earlier this month more than a dozen state roundtable executives met in Denver, Colorado to discuss best practices on education and workforce development, the impact of legalized marijuana on the business community, and tax reform efforts being spearheaded by the national Business Roundtable. Several common themes emerged from our discussions including a sense of frustration about complex public policy questions being addressed through the statewide ballot process, as well as  promoting the positive contributions businesses are making in philanthropy, education, workforce training and other areas. MBR is working on several of these fronts already, and we will continue to collaborate with our colleagues from around the country through this valuable peer network on these and other shared priorities.


Roundtable Submits Testimony on Senate Health Care Legislation, Advocates for Cost Containment, Major Reforms
The Massachusetts Senate recently released a comprehensive piece of health care legislation, entitled “An Act furthering health empowerment and affordability by leveraging transformative health care,” or the HEALTH Act. It was developed by the Special Senate Committee on Health Care Cost Containment and Reform, which was created “to explore best practice strategies used by other states to control health care costs while improving health outcomes.” The Special Senate Committee held a public hearing on the bill, and the Roundtable submitted testimony based on feedback from our members, conversations with the MBR Executive Committee, and the work of MBR’s Health Care Task Force.

A report accompanied the Senate bill, and concluded that “It is imperative that we create a sustainable health care system— meaning a health care system that grows no faster than its funding sources, whether residents’ pocketbooks, business balance sheets, or the state budget.” The Roundtable agrees, and shares in the Senate’s urgency to address this issue, with a particular focus on MassHealth. The state is implementing a new, temporary assessment on employers to help fund MassHealth, the state’s Medicaid program, and the Roundtable has been advocating for reforms to MassHealth to address the underlying problem: the unsustainable increases in the program’s costs. MBR is continuing to work with leaders in the Senate, House and Baker-Polito Administration to ensure that Massachusetts maintains its near universal access to high quality care, while making necessary reforms to contain cost growth in the health care system.

READ Testimony

Roundtable Members Headlining Annual Jobs & Workforce Development Summit at Devens

Roundtable Member Donna Cupelo, President of Verizon New England, Liz Schwab, Head of Northeast External Affairs for Roundtable Member Google, and Representative Kate Hogan are headlining a discussion on talent with Economic Development Secretary Jay Ash at the annual jobs summit this week. MBR members People’s United Bank President Patrick Sullivan is joining representatives from Santander, Eastern Bank and Citizens to highlight the changing face of the financial services industry in Massachusetts. And, Roundtable member Shire will be selected as “Employer of the Year” during the celebration of highly effective workforce training partnerships between industry and educators that are leading to new jobs in the life sciences.

For the 8th year in a row, the Roundtable is partnering with the AFL-CIO, community
based groups and non-profit organizations as a member of the Workforce Solutions
Group to host the Jobs & Workforce Development Summit. This year’s theme—“Talent in the New Economy: Powering Economic Growth”—will highlight businesses and programs that are strengthening the state’s talent pipeline.

Before an audience of more than 300 policy makers, business, labor and education leaders, the Summit will celebrate successful youth employment, job training and legislative champions for workforce development. Labor & Workforce Development Secretary Rosalin Acosta, Senator Jason Lewis, Representative Paul Brodeur and others will speak at the event. Special thanks to all the Roundtable members for supporting, sponsoring and participating in the Summit. If you are interested in attending the Summit, contact Chris Kealey today

MBR Partners with Korn Ferry, National Association of Corporate Directors for “Building an Effective Board” Discussion

A star-studded panel led by Roundtable Chair Marcy Reed, Chief of Business Operations for National Grid, Vice Chair Bob Rivers, Chairman and CEO of Eastern Bank, Nelda Connors, Founder and CEO of Pine Grove Holdings, and Todd Krasnow, Operating Partner at Porchlight Equity Partners participated in a far-reaching conversation about best practices for building an effective, diverse board of directors. Roundtable members have identified expanding diversity in all its forms as a priority for the business community.

More than a dozen Roundtable members joined a capacity crowd for the discussion, which addressed how companies are recruiting skilled and diverse professionals to help guide businesses across different industry sectors. Bob Rivers made an impassioned case for intentional efforts by business leaders to recruit more women and candidates of color to serve on corporate boards.

Special thanks to Roundtable Membership Chair Robert Sullivan, Managing Partner of Korn Ferry International and NACD new England Chapter President Beth Boland for your partnership supporting this important event.

National BRT Implementing “Playbook” Strategies Urging Congress to Pass Federal Tax Reform
The National Business Roundtable is implementing detailed strategies from its to advocate for federal tax reform that will lead to increased job creation, higher wages and economic growth across the country. The playbook outlines specific actions that companies can take to promote pro-growth tax reform including direct outreach to Congress, employees, the public and local media, as well as new tools for social media, earned media, local events and more. From BRT’s recent update:

“Business Roundtable Chairman Jamie Dimon used an NBC News column to urge Congress and companies to look beyond parochial and partisan interests to pass pro-growth tax reform. ‘Let’s judge any proposal on whether or not it will result in greater economic growth, more jobs and higher wages while allowing American businesses to be competitive internationally. If so, let’s get it done,’ wrote Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase. Dimon stressed the need for competitive business tax rates, an international tax system that frees U.S. companies to bring back overseas earnings, and tax relief for the middle class.

The tax reform framework from the “Big Six” (House Speaker Ryan, House Ways & Means Chairman Brady, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Hatch, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, and National Economic Council Director Cohn) is available online.

Roundtable Joins Deepwater Wind, Environmentalists for Offshore Wind Farm Tour
By Ned Flanagan, MBR Intern

This month, invited by Roundtable member Deepwater Wind and the National Wildlife Federation, the Roundtable took to the sea to tour an offshore wind farm that is stationed six miles off of the coast of Block Island, RI. This two mile stretch of water boasts five 600 foot General Electric wind turbines for the 30 megawatt project, each with three 200 foot blades. To put that in perspective, if placed next to each other, the tip of each blade would be slicing the air above Boston's John Hancock Tower.

With only ten percent of the energy created by the turbines needed to power the entirety of Block Island, these five turbines are just a taste of the power that can be created by offshore wind. With the other 90 percent of energy being sent back to the mainland, turbines like these have immense potential for decreasing carbon emissions. These breathtaking turbines comply with all environmental regulations, and the minimal environmental impact they have is constantly monitored. With Massachusetts poised to develop 1,600 megawatts of offshore wind power, this abundant clean energy resource could revolutionize the way that the east coast is powered.

Roundtable Member Spotlight: Autodesk

As a leader in the state’s innovation economy, Roundtable member Autodesk’s software is used by more than 200 million customers “to design and make the world around us.” The Roundtable promoted the outstanding work led by MBR member Jim Lynch, who is responsible for product vision and strategy that meets the needs of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries around the world.

“Autodesk makes software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-perfor­mance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are designing and mak­ing with our software.”   

The Roundtable Member Spotlight in October—Autodesk—is a global leader that is continually innovating its products and services to meet the fast-changing needs of its customers.

Roundtable Hosts STEM Summit

  Registration is now open
November 14
DCU Center in Worcester

STEM education is a top priority for Roundtable members across industry sectors. For those interested in participating in this year’s STEM Summit, please register online.

MBR Executive Director JD Chesloff will lead a panel discussion, “Work in Progress: How CEOs are Helping Close the Skills Gap” highlighting a recent survey of Massachusetts employers that saw 75% reporting difficulty filling open positions. A report from the national Business Roundtable confirms this problem nationally finding that the nation’s economic growth “is hindered because the skills of today’s workers have not kept up with the requirements of current and future jobs.” The session will include featured remarks from Dane Linn, Vice President at the Business Roundtable followed by a panel of experts from different industries including: Anthony Consigli, CEO, Consigli Construction, Beth Phalen, President and General Manager, Data Protection Division, Dell EMC, Marcy Reed, Chief of Business Operations, National Grid and Kelli Wells, Executive Director of Education and Skills, GE Foundation.

The Summit is hosted by the Massachusetts Business Roundtable, the Massachusetts STEM Advisory Council, and the UMass Donahue Institute and supported by generous contributions from a broad array of public and private organizations invested in the economic vitality of the state, including businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and non-profit entities. If you would like to know more about becoming an event sponsor, please contact us.

Going Around the Table
News, links and information about members of the Roundtable

Roundtable Member UMass Hosts Environmental Science Cruise Highlighting UMass Boston during HUBWeek
As part of HUBWeek, UMass Boston School for the Environment Founding Dean Robyn Hannigan and four marine science experts from her team led a group of 70 community members, civic leaders, students and business executives (including the Roundtable staff) on a Boston Harbor cruise to explore sustainability, marine life and climate adaptation. This included a firsthand look at state-of-the-art equipment such as drones, robots and sonar that UMass Boston faculty experts use to ensure Boston Harbor remains one of the country's cleanest urban harbors. READ more (and see videos of the equipment in use) of the story by Boston Magazine.

Roundtable Members Stepping Up to Help Puerto Rico
Following the terrible disaster in the aftermath of hurricane Maria slamming Puerto Rico, Governor Baker, Mayor Walsh, non-profit organizations and members of the business community stepped up to help people there in a variety of ways. Governor Baker and Mayor Walsh announced the creation of a new fund to support our fellow citizens as they “recover and rebuild” Roundtable members Steward Health Care, Tufts Health Plan, Santander and many others have made significant contributions to relief efforts. In the wake of the devastation, the needs are great. Here are some additional ways to contribute support: Red Cross and

Roundtable Member Babson Hosts Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs Event November 9th
On November 9, we're excited to be inducting C. Dean Metropoulos '67 MBA'68, into the Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs® (ADE), the world's first entrepreneurship hall of fame.

Metropoulos is the chairman and CEO of Metropoulos & Co., a boutique acquisition and management firm he started nearly 40 years ago. Later joined by sons Evan and Daren, he's successfully built, restructured, and grown businesses ranging from Pabst Brewing Company to Hostess. Highly respected for his integrity and commitment, Mr. Metropoulos is known worldwide for his generosity of time and resources to the Gates Foundation, the Campaign to End Childhood Hunger, and more. Join us for a reception and dinner on Thursday, November 9, at 6:00 p.m. at Knight Auditorium, Babson College.

Since 1978, the Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs (ADE) at Babson has honored world-class entrepreneurs who create great economic and social value. We are proud to honor the outstanding business and philanthropic contributions of this remarkable Babson alumnus and hope you'll attend this special evening. Register today. Registration is free for Roundtable members: contact Chris Kealey.

Does your company have news about industry trends, key milestones or other materials you are sharing with the public? We want to include news from our members in this space, so please send any story ideas or links to MBR Deputy Director Chris Kealey.

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#InTheNews: Roundtable member @TuftsHealthPlan signs contract with MassHealth.

#InTheNews: Roundtable member @LibertyMutual launches new subsidiary that will sell software to companies.

#InTheNews: Roundtable member @Raytheon awards $10,000 scholarships to 7 student veterans.

#InTheNews: Roundtable member @Steward completes merger with IASIS Healthcare.

Congratulations to Roundtable Vice Chairman @easternbank CEO Bob Rivers!

Roundtable member DONG Energy’s new name #Ørsted reflects spirit of innovation & ambition. Learn more:

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National BRT Implementing “Playbook” Strategies Urging Congress to Pass Federal Tax Reform
Roundtable Joins Deepwater Wind, Environmentalists for Offshore Wind Farm Tour
Roundtable Member Spotlight: Autodesk
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